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Michelle W. 04/14/2015

Gavin was great!  He fairly appraised all of my jewelry and then spent about 20 minutes fixing my watch.  He didn't charge me for the watch repair! I highly recommend.

David C. 12/05/2013

I came here with my mother to sell a gold bracelet, rings and a small nugget that had been lying around the house for years. We needed to sell essentially everything before moving abroad. Selling gold is a daunting task if you've never done it and especially if you are not exactly sure what you have. But the owner of Chesapeake Gold Buyers, Gavin Weissmann, is really a likable fellow. He's meticulous and personable and in the end makes the whole experience a pleasant one. That in itself is worth a lot as it's easy to second guess if you did the right thing.

By contrast, other gold buyers can leave you feeling they are just fast talking peddlers. We were even told by one buyer he'd straight out give 5% more than what anyone else offered without hardly even looking at the gold. Gavin, on the hand, examined each piece individually and weighed and reweighed and shared his thoughts on what he thought of each, both as a piece of jewelry and as a source of gold. He explained why he would buy some pieces but not others.

In the end, it comes down to price, of course. So, could we have made more if we had travelled around to several more shops or mailed the gold off to a refiner? Possibly but probably not by a significant amount. And not necessarily. Definitely not around Annapolis. More importantly, and why I'm writing this review, is that we FEEL good about selling to Chesapeake Gold Buyers - both about the price and the overall experience. To top it all off, dealing with Gavin supports a local West Street businessman.

Jennifer C. 12/30/2010

Not at all what I expected! It was great!! I had never done anything like this before and wasn't really sure what to expect. But, Gavin was very helpful and made me feel right at home as soon as we walked in. I just gave him the jewelry I don't wear anymore - he checked it over, weighed it, & gave me $180 CASH. The shop is nice & right next door to Paul's Homewood Cafe (on West St.), so we had lunch there afterward.It was actually kind of fun!

Debbie S. 5/15/2012
Thank you Gavin.  Nothing but pure professionalism on your part in helping me get rid of my unwanted jewelry and coins. I will be back to do business with you again.

Tiffany O. 3/9/2011
This is the best place to cash in your gold!  I took in gold that I do not wear anymore and received cash on the spot! I was so happy my first trip that I went back a second time with some other jewelry that I had.

Jessica H.2/8/2011
I am partial to small/local businesses.  When I have the opportunity to visit a place where customer service is still the mantra, I welcome the experience. Kudos to Gavin and his colleague for making my trip both beneficial and pleasurable.  There is a first time for everything and they made my experience all the more worth the drive. Here's to you in continuing to strive!

Taylor B. 1/18/2011

Very good, didn't really know what I was gonna get going in but ended up with 200 hundred dollars :l

Lisa S. 12/31/2010

I needed a little extra cash in my wallet so I took in  some old jewelry to see what would happen. I was a little nervous as I hadn't really "pawned" anything lately. However, Gavin was straightforward, knows his stuff, and comes across as a kind person. The main thing - I walked out with over $200 in cash! Be aware ...He likes to talk (he's longwinded). A plus for the ladies, girls... he's easy on the eyes too. Best wishes.