Paying the most for unwanted jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, watches, sterling flatware


  • Gold, silver, and platinum jewelry payouts are based primarily on the overall value of the precious metal

  • Any and all stones will be evaluated for increased payouts possibility

  • Stones can be returned if the seller wants to keep them

  • No one in the area pays more for scrap jewelry

Designer Jewelry:

  • Finished designer jewelry (Tiffanys, Cartier, David Yurman, Pandora, etc.) will be evaluated separately

  • A premium will be payed based on potential resale value

  • All factors will be considered in regards to payout

  • Only buyer offering premium on designer pieces


  • Watches will be evaluated in the same manner as designer jewelry
  • A watch should be in working condition to insure highest payout possible
  • For watch maitenance, please see our friends at Buddy Huguley's in Annapolis
  • Bid can be offered even if watch is no in working condition

Silver Flatware:

  • Silver flatware is purchased at a premium as they are guaranteed in their silver content
  • Flatware is purchased if it is sterling silver (.925 percent silver) or any purity over 70%

  • Silver plated flatware will not be purchased unless there is market demand

  • Although not nearly as valuable as gold, silver flatware tends to be very heavy and payouts reflect this


  • A diamond generally must be at least .50 carats (half a carat) in order to be inherently valuable

  • Diamonds less than 1/2 ct do have value and will be priced on site

  • Diamonds can be evaluated whether they are set or loose

  • All related paperwork should be brought with the diamond as this will increase the value


  • Gold, silver, and platinum bullion payouts range depending on the quality of the piece

  • Complete sets are generally more valuable than individual bullion

  • The high precious metal content of bullion make them more valuable than scrap jewelry

  • Referral will be given if top payout is not available


  • Silver dollars, half dollars, quarters, and dimes minted prior to 1965 are 90% silver

  • Payouts are based off the overall value of the coins in conjunction with live silver pricing

  • Coins from other countries can be purchased case by case

  • Referral will be given if top payout is not available